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NCERT Books Free Download

NCERT Books Free Download for CBSE

Each one of the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) schools and exams, on all parts of the country, acts in accordance with NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training).
In this article, we will look at the list of downloadable NCERT books for all classes.
NCERT was established in 1961 by Ministry of Education for the betterment of the qualitative standard of school education. It was brought into being by consolidating the then present seven institutes in order to modulate education system in the country.

Here are the key objectives of the NCERT:

  1. To administer basic childhood education
  2. To encourage education of a girl child
  3. To promote value education
  4. To work for education of students with special needs
  5. To implement a National Framework Curriculum
  6. To provide vocational education
  7. To assess, examine and reform IT education
  8. To bring universalization of Fundamental Education
  9. To produce a teaching and learning experience
  10. To improve thought and attention of learners
  11. To advance teacher education


It is important to clear basics in order to prepare for entrance level exams. And this requires apt study material and solving tricky numerals along with an efficient revision. NCERT text books are considered to be the easiest that puts out concepts clearly, without diving deep into the complex theories.

Below mentioned some of the key points about NCERT books are listed below:
  • Studying NCERT text comes with great advantageous. One of which is the fact that many questions in NEET are either directly escorted from these books or follow a similar pattern. So make sure to refer to these books in order to prepare well for your entrance 
  • Content of NCERT’s books are reliable as they are written by the eminent of the fields, which have extensive knowledge on the field. Hence, the information on NCERT is completely authentic as compared to other sources 
  • NCERT books consist of basics and fundamentals on all the topics for students. Hence, it makes it easier for students to understand concepts and prepare in a better way for any competitive exam, be it JEE – Main or AIPMT
  • Language plays a big role in studying and understanding a particular subject. Languages of NCERT’s books are easy – to – understand and are written by experts after extensive research. Since, these books are intelligible and direct in their approach, it becomes simple for students to understand the technical aspects of topics like kinetic energy

Subject Wise Analysis for Senior Secondary

In this section, we have listed out subject – wise NCERT books which are enough for board examinations and where you can refer to additional study materials: 

NCERT for Physics

Physics text book of NCERT are well – researched and lucid for a student to read and understand. The book is well – illustrated with detailed diagrams for better understanding.
NCERT for Mathematics

Mathematics is a subject where practice is a must. So it is important to thoroughly read, especially for LP, Trigonometry, and coordinate Geometry. For better practice use NCERT  exemplars. If you find these problems too tough, then it would serve well to practice past board papers and compartment papers. 

NCERT for Chemistry

Like other NCERT textbooks, Chemistry text books are also equally helpful. Even the toughest of the topics are explained in a simplest ways. You can refer to NCERT chemistry books to clear your concepts.
In order to overshine your boards, or crack an entrance exam, it is important to go through the NCERT books. Read them consequently for better results

NCERT Solutions  

NCERT text book provides answers as well, at the end of the chapters. Hence, it is advisable to go through them and make proper notes in each chapter that will make revision faster. 

Key points to remember for NCERT Solutions:

  • The NCERT Solutions provided are entirely free
  • Thorough and modified answers provided for each questions in textbooks
  • Created by subject matter experts
  • Easy and quick access to chapter – wise questions and answers


There are many books in the market but “NCERT Books” stand alone in the market. If you are planning to appear for civil services exams required good books for well preparation, even CBSE aspirants need these books.


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